The Service

The Interplanetary Geological Service was established in 2951 following a mandate from the five leading exploratory organisations of the time.  A full history can be found on VidCom2356.

The Service is charged with discovering and observing galactic and intergalactic events and systems.  Please see Annual Report for the latest mission numbers but since it’s inception The service has carried out millions of observations from single asteroids to whole new galaxies..

The primary mission of the Observers and larger General Surveys is to report on the systems and galaxies for the benefit of humankind.

Currently the Service has over 2.5 million serving officers serving on over 500,000 ships.  Most of these vessels comprise single person Observer Theta Class ships on six year assignments where they will carry out one or two observation missions per year.  Larger Vessels include the Turing Class 100 person vessels which provide general in-galaxy observations and occasional support for Theta Class missions.  The newest ships in service are the Phi Class Intergalactic General Survey Ships with a compliment of 300 crew.

All ships are equipped with CHAOSFus engines for 7D travel and Hydrogen Helium intra-system engines.  The ships are fitted with varying AI systems ranging from AIXY models on Theta Class to the very latest BIXY Class on the new Phi.

Latest publicly released mission reports can be found on VidCom54689 plus featured Observers can be found here.


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