The Service Board

The Interplanetary Geographic Service is managed by a Board of Directors with devolved powers under Charter 1001 of the Interplanetary Federation.  The Board are appointed for five year terms and are elected by the Service’s Trust a representative body of the Federation.

There are five serving members one member is elected each year.  The senior member is the longest serving and only votes on Board Matters in the event of a tie between the other Directors.  The current members are:

Chair – Superior Director Davis Carmichael

SupDirAi Carmichael joined the service in 3647 initially in the Observer Branch.  Following the Dalgrazey incident he retrained into the AI Branch.  SupDir Carmichael is one of a long line of members of his family who have joined the Service.  His eldest son currently commands one of the new Phi Class Survey ships.  His youngest son is currently at the Academy.  Full biography VidCom77456/Board/Carmichael

Operations – Superior Director Patricia Obstenko

SupDirGeo Obstenko joined the Observer Branch in 3647.  After successful missions as a SenGeo and GenGeo, she was an instructor at the Academy for four years.  Her most recent appointment prior to joining the Board was as DirGeoServ for Intra Galaxy Development.  Full biography VidCom77456/Board/Obstenko

Science – Superior Director Elliot Harzadom

SupDirSci Harzadom joined the Service in 3647.  His early carreer was devoted to the study of new life forms and their biology.  He was appointed to the Board after serving as Governor of Gatraxix. VidCom77456/Board/Harzadom

Planetary Affairs – Superior Director Zlodvic Zerghãust

SupDirPhys Zerghãust joined the Service in 3647.  He spent his early career serving on GenGeo Class Missions before lecturing at the Academy.  His most recent post was as Director of Conformity for Galaxy 456340 including the successful observation of the SuperNova Sigma 7456.  Full biography VidCom77456/Board/Zerghãust

Engineering – Superior Director Estelle Maronetté

SupDirFus Maronetté joined the Service in 3647.  She completed her survey missions and then was part of the team that developed the CHAOSFus534D engines that power Theta Class survey ships.  Her last appointment was as DirFus for Fusion Engineering.  Full biography VidCom77456/Board/Maronetté

The Service Board is supported by three non-voting memebrs

DirSup Elia Vertrage III – in charge of support and personnel

DirSec John Hepple-Smith – Head of the Security Branch

DirSec Karmin Jang – Head of Finance


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